Drinking Water Sources and Quality

LCMUA is a member of the Upper Trinity Regional Water District (UTRWD) and purchases treated water from the UTRWD. LCMUA has a current contract for 3.8 million gallons of water per day from the UTRWD. That 3.8 million gallons is supplemented by three water wells, located within LCMUA boundaries, during peak demand the summer months. UTRWD has developed a comprehensive portfolio of water supply sources to provide for about 25 years of water needs, with plans underway to supply the projected 50 years worth of need.

LCMUA maintains water quality throughout the system through daily sample testing of the water and a hydrant flushing program. Hydrant flushing removes stagnant water from the system allowing for a clean distribution system. Hydrant flushing also identifies potential operational issues, as a well-maintained hydrant performs better and faster during a fire emergency.

Water Quality Reports