Recent and On-Going Construction Projects

Harbor Grove Fire Protection Waterline:
- 3,850 linear feet of PVC pipe to be laid by LCMUA staff.
- 6 new fire hydrants to be installed.
- Funding for this project will be shared by LCMUA and the town of Hickory Creek.  LCMUA will provide engineering services and labor for construction, while the town of Hickory Creek will fund the cost for materials which are estimated to be about $146,000.
- Once complete, those residents living along the three streets impacted by the new waterline will have sufficient water supply and pressure to protect their homes in the event of a fire.
- Work began during October 2018.  Click the links below to see the engineering diagrams for the two stages - Concept A & B.
Harbor Grove 12WL Construction Sign

Ongoing Work @ Harbor Grove Project (Slideshow)

Lift Station #1 Rehab and Wastewater Line Replacement :
- Project is estimated at $3,400,000 and will be funded from Bond Series 2013.  
- The project is underway and ahead of schedule.  Construction should be completed by spring 2019.

Original Lift Station 1


LS1 Dirt Work

720 Lake Dr Lake Dallas 8

LS1 Foundation Prep

720 Lake Dr Lake Dallas 7
720 Lake Dr Lake Dallas 6
720 Lake Dr Lake Dallas 2
720 Lake Dr Lake Dallas
721-729 Lake Dr Lake Dallas

Old Station in the Background

LS1 REHAB 3.7.19 A

New Onsite Generator

LS1 REHAB 3.7.19 B
Hickory Creek Elevated Storage Tank:
- Project identified in 2012 System Master Plan
- 1,000,000 gallons of storage at a construction cost of $1,900,000 funded from Bond Series 2013
- Provides for TCEQ required storage and creates a secondary pressure plane on the west side of I35.
- The bowl was raised in the spring of 2018.

Elevated Storage Tank Diagram

2181 EST diagram
LCMUA logo 2
LCMUA logo 3
Hickory Creek Logo
FM 2181 Pump Station & Ground Storage:
- Project identified in 2012 System Master Plan
- 5.2 MGD Pump Station and 500,000 gallons of storage.
- The construction costs are $1,793,070 and are funded by the Bond Series 2013.
- The pump station went live in the summer of 2018.
2181 GSR diagram