Recent and On-Going Construction Projects

FM 2181 Utility Relocations:
- Relocated 12" waterline and 8" wastewater line.
- Lowered valve stacks.
- Raised fire hydrants.
- Raised a manhole and resurfaced another.
- Brought meter boxes to grade.
Harbor Grove Waterline Extension:
- 500 linear ft of PVC pipe laid by LCMUA staff.
- New fire hydrant installed.
- Updated Emergency Service Agreement with Harbor Grove Water Supply.
Lift Station Work/Rehab:
- New safety railings, steps, and ladders were brought to Lift Stations 7 & 9, along with new fencing and gates for 5 & 9.
- New submersible pumps were brought in and installed for Lift Stations 4 & 15.
- Lift Station got a face lift with a new electrical control panel, new pumps, safety railing and steps, and a brand new fence and gate. Along with a fresh coat of paint and a wider driveway approach.
Lakeview Dr Road Expansion:
- Project identified in 2012 System Master Plan to replace the existing 8" AC line with a new 12" PVC line.
- As an agreement with the city, Denton county primarily funded the project with LCMUA also contributing $200,000 for the cost of oversizing.

Lakeview Dr Road Expansion

Lakeview Dr Road Expansion
Upper Trinity Valve Tie In:
- LCMUA dug up and installed an 18" Isolation Valve at the point of entry for Upper Trinity over night.

Upper Trinity Valve Install

Isolation Valve Install 1

LCMUA Staff Installing 18" Valve

Isolation Valve Install 2
Main Street Water and Wastewater Line Relocation:
- Both projects we identified in the 2012 System Master Plan
- The water line was relocated and changed from an 8" AC main to a 12" PVC main, the construction was completed by Quality Excavation, Ltd for $601,720.
-The wastewater line was relocated and changed from an 8" clay tile pipe to an 8" PVC pipe.
- Working with the City and Town of Hickory Creek, the project was bid in conjunction with the paving project.
I-35 Utility Relocations:
-16" Waterline Crossing
        - Wilson Contractor Services, LLC                     $380,056.02
        - LCMUA Betterment 8.30%                               $31,554.65
- 12" Water line Relocation West Right-of-Way Phase I
        - A&M Construction and Utilities, Inc                  $185,543.50
        - LCMUA Betterment 32.00%                             $59,373.92
-10" Wastewater Relocation LS 11 to LS 14
        - Quality Excavation, Ltd                                     $796,225.14
        - LCMUA Betterment 32.00%                             $254,792.05
- 12" Waterline Relocation West Right-of-Way Phase II
        - Dickerson Construction Company, Inc             $1,359,358.51
        - LCMUA Betterment 10.54%                             $143,276.39
- Water and Wastewater Relocation Hundley Dr
        - Excel 4 Construction, LLC                                $537,169.00
        - LCMUA Betterment 2.65%                               $14,234.98

10" Wastewater Relocation

Wastewater Line Relocation 10inch
Lift Station 1 & Wastewater Line:
- Project is estimated at $3,400,000 and will be funded from Bond Series 2013  and should be awarded to a contractor for construction in January 2018
FM 2181 Pump Station & Ground Storage:
- Project identified in 2012 System Master Plan
- 5.2 MGD Pump Station and 500,000 gallons of storage.
- The construction costs are $1,793,070 and will be funded from the Bond Series 2013
Elevated Storage Tank:
- Project identified in 2012 System Master Plan
- 1,000,000 gallons of storage at a construction cost of $1,900,000 funded from Bond Series 2013
- Provides for TCEQ required storage and creates a secondary pressure plane on the west side of I35.

2181 Pump Station & Ground Storage Tanks

2181 GSR diagram

Elevated Storage Tank

2181 EST diagram